Saturday, March 14, 2009


Sorry, no pictures, I just wanted to get on here and give a little update. Everyone is doing well. No new stitches for Aubrey. I hope we are over that phase for a long time. We have all had colds though for about two weeks now. It is getting old. I am ready to be done with them. The girls got it first and are pretty much over it so hopefully we can see the end coming.

Logan was supposed to have a surgery on Monday but we had to cancel because of the cold. He got it pretty bad. He lost and his voice and everything. He is now on an antibiotic for an ear infection, motrin for the headaches, two different inhalers (one steroid and one anti-inflamatory), and his eye drops. Poor kid. His pediatrition said he will stay on the steroid inhaler indefinately because he gets intabated so much that his lungs are likely so become irritated and such.

Wyatt has gotten a lot of work done around here. He went to the cannery for us today and did some of our food storage. What a good man he is. He then came home and worked on our wood flooring some. Thanks mom and dad for coming to help us today...we REALLY appreciate you.

Wyatt is a little upset with me though. I figured out where I wanted my garden to go so he went out and removed the bushes and trees and such. Then he went and tilled it and all that jazz. Then as watched the spot over the next few days I decided that I wanted to move the spot to a different place. He was not a happy guy. He is such a great guy that he will move it for me. I am so lucky to have such an understanding husband. He is so handy and talented. I love you honey!!

Anyway, enough of that lovey dovey crap. We are good. Life is good. Logan is scheduled for surgery on the 23rd. We will let you know how it goes. Take care everyone!!


Amber said...

So sorry that you all have been so sick! Give your baby boy squeezes for me!

Heidi and Michael said...

Poor Logan! What a little sweetie. I'm so sorry he's been going through so much. There's been so much sickness going around its insane! I've been so sick this weekend off and on. So weird. Sounds like you're having your fair share too! Hope you all feel better soon.

rmlong said...

That really sucks you all were sick. When everyone is feeling better you need to bring the kids to see all the baby lambs at my school. They are cute and I bet they would really like it.

Thomas Family said...

I hope you all get feeling lots beetter. Keep us posted with how Logan does in the surgery. Best of Luck!!

Leslie said...

I've been wondering about your little family lately (gee not like I can't call and find out)... But good to hear the full family update! We love you!!