Monday, March 23, 2009

So over the last few weeks Bekah and the girls have been getting started on a garden. If you look in our kitchen it looks like we are growin weed because we have these makeshift seedling lights setup with plant trays underneath. If the government is reading this I promise there is nothing illegal being grown in our home, unless Bek is making an attempt to pay of some medical bills. So here are a few pictures of them planting.

Have to thank Pam for taking the pics.

This is our weed garden.SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!

Kaitlynn loved getting in and getting her hands dirty. She will be great help with the garden (until it comes time to work).

Burz doesn't really have the patience to sit and plant. She is a cazy woman.

This is the boy just chillin!


Amber said...

K so you guys can bring the fresh veggies to our next BBQ! I love the picture of your little plants bluming! Fun stuff! XOXO AMber

Anonymous said...

Logan is so big...we need to see you has been forever! I miss my family! tear sniffle sniffle tear Your favrite sis...Sarah