Saturday, January 31, 2009

On to the right.

Thursday was Logan's surgery. We went expecting to have some adjustments made on his left eye, but the doctor said that the pressure in his right eye had skyrocketed (into the high 40's) and that she didn't think we could put off the surgery any longer. The optic nerve was not tolerating the pressure well. The trabeculectomy was done on Thursday afternoon.

We just got back from Logan's eye appointment and he is doing good. The doctor said his eye is "looking good for his 2 day check-up".

Two weeks ago when they did the left eye it didn't do as well and we had to take him in two times for injections. Then it was too high again and he had to have the sutures in the top of the eye loosened. Yes, he was to high, then too low, then too high. After "needling" (or poking holes in the trab site) the left eye twice, it is looking like it is stable in the mid teens. We would prefer it be around 10, but this is better than the 50 that is was at 2 weeks ago. So his right eye seems to be responding better and we are grateful. Thanks for all of the prayers and love.

Oh, another something. Aubrey fell again and had some staples put in the back of her head. She got those out yesterday and is doing fine. The doctor recommended putting her in a padded room because she is a train wreck (those were his words, not mine).

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Nicole said...

Hey guys-

Glad to hear Logan is doing well, sounds like it has been a bit of a rollercoaster.

FYI- I have finally started my own blog. There is not much on it yet and I am still figuring it all out but it is
I guess maybe you can find me without the address from my comment... like I said, still figuring it all out.