Friday, January 16, 2009

Logan's eye update

Okay so this week we had surgery number 4 and 5. On Monday Logan had a trabeculectomy. It is a procedure that cuts a chunk out of the eye to create a drain so that the eye does not have so much pressure. This drain then makes the eye bypass the drains that are there and not working. There are far more risks than with the procedure he had the first three times.

One of the risks is that the pressure in the eye goes to low. A normal eye has pressure between 8 and 15. Logan's eyes prior to surgery have been in the 50's. After the surgery it can drop to 0 or lower. That is also really bad because then the eye does not have enough pressure to keep it's shape and the eye can collapse. Logan's eye lost too much pressure and then had to go back in on Thursday to inject "gel" back into his eye.

It has been a rough week. Our little guy is such a trooper. We were at the doctor on Wednesday and she was telling us that he had to have surgery again the next day and the entire time she is saying this he is smiling and talking to her. He really is an awesome baby.

This is how we normally see Logan. He is a pretty happy go lucky guy.

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Paula said...

I'll keep you guys in my prayers!