Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas at the Gardiner's

Christmas was magical for us this year. There is something about the time around Thanksgiving and up to the new year that is amazing. Everything seems different...even the air feels different. I am always a little sad after that special feeling is gone. I am already excited for next year though.

Kaitlynn was a little bit shocked that Santa really did come. She was a lot of fun. Kaitlynn opened most of everyone's gifts. Aubrey will have to work on speed for next year.

Aubrey was excited. This was her first "Santa" year. I don't know if she really undrerstood it yet, but it was fun anyway.

Logan had a great first christmas. He was a happy boy.

It is a hard life being a dog. Sam must have been tired from making sure there were no new puppies in the packages. Wyatt obviously took this picture because if I had seen her laying on our new carpet I would have kicked her off.


rmlong said...

Hey guys looks like you had a really good Christmas. It was really fun to go to dinner the other night well have to do it agian soon!

Just Us said...

It's kids that make it so magical! How fun for you guys to have 3!!! I wish you the best for the new year. Much love.