Saturday, October 17, 2009


I want to start out by saying I LOVE FALL!! It is by far my favorite time of year as far as weather and scenery are concerned. I love the feel of the air, the colors in the trees, the smell of fires in the fireplace, the anticipation for the holidays, the pumpkin patch visits, Halloween. It is all so wonderful.

Well, I haven't posted for a very long time. Instead of trying to do individual posts of what we have been up to I am just going to say we have been having a lot of fun. We went camping a rafting down the Teiton River with one of Wyatt's brothers for a weekend (can I just say I love that family), we had Wyatt's grandma Sweeney for a couple of days(such a fun lady), Kaitlynn started preschool (she is growing so fast), Logan is Walking(crazy kid thinks he is so big), We are making a TON of progress in the yard and a LITTLE progress in the house, we went to two fun pumpkin pathes and painted some great pumpkins, and just a a lot of fun and craziness!!

I seem to lose things VERY quickly these days. My wedding ring is currently MIA, I am so heartbroken about it too. I don't even remember taking it off. ANd I just tried to find the cord to hook the computer to the camera and I can't find it either. SO I will put up a bunch of pictures as soon as it is located.


Julie said...

I am so sorry about your ring, mine is too. I took it off to make some homemade bread and now I can't find it. I eather ate it in the bread or swept it up with the flour.

Heidi and Michael said...

I agree! Fall is the best by far! I LOVE Halloween! So sorry about your wedding ring! Hope you find it. Can't wait to see some updated pics of your darling fam! Hope you're all doing well!