Saturday, June 6, 2009

A bit late, but Memorial Day Weekend

Over Memorial Day Weekend Brian and Melinda (Bro and Sis-in-law)and their family came over from Spokane to visit. We had a great and busy weekend. We drove all over Western Washington and Northwest Oregon seeing the sites. Little did I know that the weekend was going to be full of "Twilight" stuff. Bekah is it to the book and movie series and so is Melinda and Brianna (niece). I will hold most of my sarcasm in for this post, but I do not see what is cool about the whole thing. Bekah I am sorry I just had to get that in there. The movie was filmed right around home. So below you should easily be able to see that recurring theme in the pictures. We had a great weekend and are very glad the the some of our family come for a quick visit.

On the first day we just had to make a trip to see Forks, WA. The 8 hour drive seemed like a quick leisurely drive to get this picture. It took a while, but driving the Olympia Peninsula was cool. It is really a pretty area.

Okay fine, we didn't drive 8 hours to just get the picture of Forks. We went to the Sequim (skwim) Animal Preserve (aka zoo). This was by far the best zoo I have been too. You sit on your can in the car and the animals come to you. We had a few close encounters while there. The drivers side door of the truck still has Yak slobber all over it, and Logan about got eaten by a full size Buffalo. Other than the bears, tigers, lions and a few other animals there was nothing between you and the animals. As you can see in the photo below the bears will do all sorts of tricks to get food. I will say the Sequim is an awesome town. Absolutely beautiful. It also gets about half the rain the the rest of the Pacific Northwest gets because of where it is situated on the Olympic Peninsula. Nice town, highly recommend it.

On our way from the Zoo to Forks. We drove through Port Angeles. A portion of the Twilight movie/book is based there.

All of the school scenes from the movie were filmed at Kalama High School. This is about 20 minutes from our house. I believe the picture below is one of the same shots as in the movie. Just think girls the dreamy Edward Cullen walked up those steps and so did I. OH MY GOSH THAT IS SO COOL.

We also went to the beach. It was too cold to play in the ocean, but that didn't stop Kaitlynn and Aubrey. The entire walk/run from the car to the water Aubrey yelled "BEACH". She was really happy to see the water. She wasn't as happy when she was cold, wet and had sand in her diaper. Serious discomfort!
So we went to an indoor Aquatics Center in Astoria, OR and had a great time there. On the way Kaitlynn took the skirt to her swimsuit and put it on her head. Trying to look like Mother Teresa. She needs a bit of work to act like her though. one day she will get there.

Last, but certainly not least we went to Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge. It apparently was also in the movie. It is an awesome waterfall. If you are up to it and not rollie, pollie, ollie like me you can hike to the top. I passed on that.

We had a fun time. We also went to the Ape Caves which are lava flow tubes underground from when Mt. St. Helen's erupted. You can go down inside and walk through them. Aubrey liked it for the most part, Kaitlynn cried and Logan slept. Sorry no pictures of that adventure though.
So when any of you are up for a good time we have all sorts of cool things to do around here.


Angie said...

What a trip - someday I will have to venture to Forks...

Thomas Family said...

I'm jealous, I totally want to see Forks. Well I want Edward to be my boyfriend too, but that will never happen. Anyways, we are planning on being home the 25th, so call when you know what you're doing so we can make plans.