Sunday, May 31, 2009

Good Times, Good Times!!

Okay so Bek and the kids left me for a few weeks, so I am flying' solo for a while. Out of pretty much pure boredom I thought I would put up a new post because it has been a while. Pathetic, they have been gone for two days and I am already this bored. This is really going to SUCK! I can't believe I miss the chaos that is life. Anyway here are a few pictures of fun things that have happened over the last month.

So Logan is a big boy and is taking his bath in the big kid tub. YES, that is really the color of our tub. AWESOME.

For some reason over the last little while Aubrey has been sneaking out of her bed after Kaitlynn falls asleep and crawling into bed with her. Then sometime during the night she wakes up and goes back to her bed. We are pretty sure she sleep walks. She has scared the crap out of me a couple of time by coming right up to the side of our bed as we are sleeping and standing there. I fly out of bed because I sense there is something there or Bekah is beating me because she can hear something, and Aubrey will just be standing there. Yeah, it is a bit creepy, but I love her.

Kaitlynn just finished her school year at preschool. This picture is her with Teacher Tammy. She thinks Teacher Tammy walks on water. She was so bummed that school had to stop for a few months for summer. Tammy is a great teacher and we are lucky that she will be Kaitlynn's teacher for another year.

Logan is a speed demon these days. He motors all over the place on those poor bruised knees of his. It is funny to watch him follow the girls around the house. They leave the play room and a couple of seconds later here he comes behind them. Just as he makes it across the hard wood floor they pass him going the other direction. He doesn't miss a beat and turns around and heads on back. He is pulling himself up on everything and a couple of times we have caught him standing with no support. It won't take him long and he will be walking. OH CRAP!!

I will save a few other pictures for another post. Memorial Day weekend will be the next one.


Anonymous said...

Wyatt... you kill me! Great blogging by the way!

Heidi and Michael said...

Such cute kids you have! Looks like you guys are doing well and we're glad to hear it! Miss you guys!