Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another update

Just a little update...Logan had two eye doctor appointments at Casey eye intitute on Tuesday. This is what they said:

Dr. Stout, his vision doctor (a Pediatric Ophthalmologist) said that his vision doesn't seem to have deteriorated since she last checked him (about 1.5 months ago). Unfortunately his left eye is substancially worse than his right and seems to be getting more lazy. So, we now have to patch his right eye for an hour a day. I know that doesn't seem like too long, but he doesn't like it one bit and fights me for the whole time. I happened to coax a smile out of him for a picutre...what a good little boy. I just LOVE him. He usually ends up falling asleep then I have to leave it on longer or put it on again because it doesn't do anything to strengthen his left eye if he is sleeping and not using it. She also said that she wants to check his vision when he is under anesthesia because she can get a more accurate read on the actual vision. She will be out of town for the one on the 27th, but she will be here for the following one. At that time she will find a prescription for glasses...depending on the numbers she gets Logan may or may not be getting glasses within the next few months.

Dr. Edumnds, his glaucoma doctor (a Pediatric Glaucoma Specialist) said that he LOOKS okay (the looks of his eyes has fooled us before though). She doesn't even try to use the tono-pen (the instrument used to "tap" on his eye to test the pressure) anymore because he will have to see her the rest of his life and she doesn't want hime to associate her with pain and struggles. I agree, I hope that he will see her as a friend who will help him, not someone who tortures him. Anyway, she felt his eyes and got a tactile feeling that his left eye still has high pressures. She didn't say much at all about the right eye so lets hope it is still okay.

SO, we take him back in on the 27th for his next EUA (exam under anesthesia) and needling. We are postponing tubes for now and are hoping to avoid it all together. What a sweetie pie he is though...just a little trooper. I sure love him even though he has caused me lots of migranes the last six months.

The girls are doing great. Kaitlynn is at preschool right now and Aubrey is playing with the Little People farm and castle without having to fight for the best toys. It is a win-win...Kaitlynn loves being at school and Aubrey loves Kaitlynn being at school. Of course by the end of the three hours they miss eachother and can't wait to see eachother. It is really fun to have them so close (in age and to eachother). They really are best friends.

Wyatt's birthday is on Sunday and had a GREAT plan for the weekend, but it isn't going to go exactly how I had imagined. I will have to come up with some other brilliant ideas quickly!!

Anyway, that's all for now. Take care!!


Leslie said...

Good to know things are looking up... or steady, atleast, for Logan. And your beautiful girls just make me smile! We love little people at our house,too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WYATT! (Your getting old...too close to 30 to be young anymore, HA HA)

Heidi and Michael said...

What a little trooper he is. Poor thing! I bet its hard as heck to get him to leave that eye patch on. So sorry! I love his adorable smile! Your kids are beautiful!