Friday, December 26, 2008


We went to Spokane to be with Wyatt's family for the weekend and had an awesome time. We went shopping, skating, to movies, the men went for a turkey hunt, we just had full and eventful week. We also spent time just lounging and doing nothing...which I LOVED!! Did my kids have fun? I would assume so, I didn't really see them all that much. Thanks grandma and cousins!!

There is no other way to say this than Cassie is rockstar of a cousin (not that the others aren't). Kaitlynn still talks about how they used the dog's food bowl for the hat. Good thinking Cass!!

The women and children went rollerskating and had a great time. Aubrey had perma grin and Kaitlynn had a sore bottom, knees, and well everything. The fun ended when I (Mom) was skating with her and she fell behind me and pulled me down on her. She didn't think we were having fun after that. SORRY!!

Brianna's baptism was truly beautiful. What a special occasion we were able to witness. After the "bathtism" as Kaitlynn was calling it, Kaitlynn wanted to be "bathtised". It was a lot of fun for my girls to be able to see Brianna make that step in her life (and it was a great photo op.).

The end of the week happened to be November 29th so we had a combined birthday for Aubrey and her cousin Danica. We had cake and ice cream (actually an ice cream cake), and had a good time.

Thanks to the Gardiner family for a great vacation. I couldn't have asked for a better Thanksgiving. We sure love and miss all of you.

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